Broker Auto Pilot

Dealing Desk + Back Office

BAP Plus is the most intelligent dealing desk and back office solution that puts
actionable information at brokers’ fingertips - remove human guesswork,
monitor key business metrics, and gain valuable insight into traders behavior.
BAP Dealer BAP Office
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Solve Brokers Specific Intelligence Needs

Executives Leverage BAP for Better Decision-Making

BAP solutions empower executives at the brokerage with easy access to the intelligent and automated decision making tools which they need to make faster, more informed decisions.

The solutions support a high dealing efficiency, prevent excessive trading and operational losses, reduce dealing and IT costs significantly, and increase the overall IQ of the business. Our BAP Dealer helps monitor markets 24/7, reacts instantly to market changes, and minimize human error.
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BAP Packages

See different solutions options below:

Dealing Desk

BAP Dealer

Fully compatible with MT4/MT5 platforms

  • Setup fee - one time
  • Maintenance fee per month per server
  • Contact us for your demo.
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Dealing Desk + Back Office

BAP Plus

  • Setup fee - one time, save 33%
  • Maintenance fee per month per server
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Back Office

BAP Office

  • Setup fee - one time, save 33%
  • Maintenance fee per month per server
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Build or Buy

The “build vs buy” decision is a significant one that many companies face. Cost of development of a similar system can exceed million dollar.

Not an Off-the-Shelf Software

We not only deliver a comprehensive and scalable software solution but also customize software and add modules to your specific needs.

Enhance your IT/Development Expertise

Our combined companies deliver tech support and software proficiency so that you can do more with less. Save signficantly on your IT infrastructre.

Automated Decision Making

Increase trading profit by smartly managing trading risks, leverage on accounts, quotations, and exploting arbitrage opportunities.

Realize Value of Live Data by Turning into Insight
See how brokers are improving their profitability with BAP Plus

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