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  • Q. What is Broker Auto Pilot (BAP)?

      Dealing Desk + Back Office

      BAP is a technology partnership between two leading FX technology companies - FDCTech, Inc. and IndigoSoft Ltd.

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  • Q. What is BAP Plus?

      BAP Dealer + BAP Office

      BAP Plus is a combined brokerage system that includes a complete dealing desk and back office management system.

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  • Q. What is BAP Dealer?

      Powered by IndigoSoft

      BAP Dealer provides brokers a complete overview in real time from all trading servers. The dealing desk helps to focus on critical issues at the right time. All risk management decisions made automatically by BAP system.

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  • Q. What is BAP Office?

      Powered by FDCTech

      BAP Office offers a complete client and IB portal with full flexible integration capabilities to all industry accepted FIX trading platforms including MT4, MT5, eToro OpenBook, Plus500 Trader, TradeStation, and xStation.

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  • Q. With whom does the broker sign the agreement?

      FDCTech, Inc.

      The broker shall sign the technology agreement with FDCTech, Inc., which will act as the legal counterparty.

  • Q. How to log in to my portal?

      Client & Dealer Portal

      To log on to the portal, click the Login link at the top of the page. Enter your User ID, your email address, or your user name in the top text box. Enter your password in the bottom text box. Finally, click the Log On button. .

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  • Q. How do I manage profile and other settings?

      Go to 'User Profile' tab after you log in

      You can view and maintain your profile, maintain your favorites, maintain your roles and update your contact details to ensure you are contacted at the right e-mail address and phone number.

  • Q. How do I administer users?

      Flexible caccess to the system

      A company's main - or user-administrators can request any number of users. This concept is extremely flexible and, together with the authorization concept, allows you to model different requirements and hierarchies. As the main administrator you can assign your colleagues any of your own authorizations. For security reasons BAP is not allowed to do this. For your own security, regularly delete inactive users of people who have left the company so that you can avoid unauthorized access and keep your user data up to date.

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  • Q. What is GDPR consent?

      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      On May 25th 2017, to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, BAP added a consent pop-up which applies to those countries affected by the regulation.

  • Q. How to get general technical support?

      Techncial & Customer Support

      Do you have a technical problem that cannot be answered byour website or the technical manual? Please contact your technical support directly.

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